• Fatalii's CHILIHEAD PACK (Chili Seed Kit)

This seed kit is all about varieties which differ a lot from each other, they all belong to different species of chili peppers. After growing these you'll know so much more about chili peppers.

Bishop's Hat
This variety is also known by a name of "Bishop's Crown'.
Very sweet and mild variety. Quite easy to grow. Enjoys high temperatures but can also be grown outdoors even in colder climates. Very suitable for indoor growing too.
A great tasting substitute for ordinary bell peppers.

Bolivian Rainbow
One of the most beautiful and easiest ornamental pepper plants you can find!  This small, compact plant is pretty even in the wintertime – but wait until it receives enough sunshine or suitable artificial light! The dark green leaves will turn shiny deep purple, almost black. The cone-shaped, erect pods go through colors of green, purple, pink, yellow and orange before ripening bright red! There are usually pods of all these colors in the plant at the same time, making it a perennial favorite for many people. The pods are moderately hot and perfectly usable with cooking. 

Cabai Burung Ungu
One of the most unique chile peppers I've ever seen! The looks of this plant is very beautiful! From Malaysia.
The name means "Purple Bird Pepper".
The pods mature from the tiny shiny deep purple to orange-purple to through  purplish crimson red to bright red. 
The taste is typical to C. frutescens species, very suitable to use as flakes or powder or whole pods in a hot soup for example.
In colder climates this one should be grown indoors or in a greenhouse. Or if you can extend the growth by taking the plant indoors later autumn, you can grow it outdoors too.

Habanero, West Indian Yellow This very beautiful Habanero varieties comes from West India. The taste is quite close to more typical habaneros but with even with a stronger aroma. One of the tastiest habaneros there is! This plant is medium large for C. chinense and produces an stunning amount of pods even in smaller container. Heat level just below the most common Habaneros. Ideal for cooking!

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.

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Fatalii's CHILIHEAD PACK (Chili Seed Kit)

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