• Fatalii's NICE & SPICY (Chili Seed Kit)

This seed kit is all about the taste. Perfect examples of what chile peppers can be. These are  the type of varieties that make people excited about chile peppers!

Aji Fantasy

Sweet, delicious and tenderly mild variety tho it can pack a heat in the middle of  the pod. Produces great numbers of nice looking delicious pods  - truly candies of the pepper world! Created in Finland by Fatalii.net. 


This Peruvian beauty is easy to grow and it produces roundish red,  delicious, medium-hot pods delightful for many kinds of cooking.  Try filling these with cheese and wrapping them in bacon, then,  put them in the oven... And enjoy! Grows very nicely in pots.   


Thick fleshed, sweet and pleasant tasting, mild-medium hot Capsicum baccatum variety.

Grows very well in pots. Heavy producer. These pods are very good for stuffing. Or used in fruit salads etc. Also, try to use them with bread, they give a nice little sweetness and a little punch.

This extremely rare, very unique chili pepper comes from Boca Manu national park area in Peru, close to Brazil and in the Amazonas. It is therefore not surprising that it is unlike any other chinense pepper you have grown and tasted! Rocato tastes, indeed, very different from e.g. Habanero. It has a very thick flesh which makes it resemble rocotos a lot. Except for the seeds which are tan like chinense normally are. With moderate, very comprehensive heat type and pleasant rocoto-type flavor it is quite usable for many kinds of dishes - or even for eating fresh. Smoked Rocato powder is one of it's kind, a precious seasoning with cooking. 

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.

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Fatalii's NICE & SPICY (Chili Seed Kit)

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