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New AMAZING varieties just added!

Check out all the wonderful new varieties we just added to!


Even more Jalapeno varieties added to
Check out all the wonderful Jalapeno varieties! Mild, hot, large, orange, yellow, white, brown, red... We have them all now available from the link below!

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Many chiliheads will totally fall in love for Rocotos sooner or later! We have now many excellent tasting, thick fleshed dream fruits with the wonderful, warm and full heat profile Rocotos are know for!

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What to grow? We'll make it FUN and EASY!
We make finding ideal varieties for you to grow so much easier! Click the Roll the dice banner on to add 10 random varieties to your cart. Then view and remove the items you don't want and roll the dice again until you are happy with your cart! Hope you will find it useful and have a lot of fun with it. :)

Fatalii's Chili Tip #12
You can always put ornamental chilis around your house, patio, windowsills and kitchen windowsill to make your home much prettier... with useful plants which you can use with cooking!

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Chillichump Seed Kit 2020!
We are very pleased to announce this wonderful seed kit with my dear friend from UK! Chillichump Seed Kit will be totally awesome experience as you can grow together with Chillichump in 2020 and make sauces and other things together with him as the season progresses! Check Chillichump on Youtube, the varieties in this kit will be shown on his videos most likely TODAY! The seed kit is NOW available to buy from under SEEDS KITS category.

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Awesome chili sauces, powders, candies...
If you live in Finland, you can order FATALII GOURMET products with seeds! Check out the super tasty collection by clicking the button below! Buying these products will also get you closer to VIP access. We will have also Fatalii Gourmet products on VIP category soon!

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