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Recent research considers these wild and semi-wild peppers as the oldest known chili
pepper species in the world. In a way: “the mother of chili”! As a plants they are very
different from anything else when it comes to chili. The plants itself isn’t
the beauty-queen of capsicums. It’s typically a mess of long, thin stems
sprawling everywhere. Fortunately, it’s not very big, either – and one can always
use scissors. It produces masses of tiny, very (!) lovely snow-white flowers and (later) oval, spicy (but not very hot)
orange-red berries. These berries are actually very useful in all sorts of
cooking, both fresh and dried. As strange as it may seem, these plants also
make some very attractive bonsai plants! Also one of the easiest wild peppers
to germinate. This should be a part of any capsicum enthusiast’s collection!

Challenge: 1 (easy to grow for a wild chili pepper)

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