Fatalii’s EASY CHILI START (Chili Seed Kit)


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Contains three different varieties for beginners.

Bird’s Eye Baby
A small, very pretty ornamental chili plant suitable for small pots and indoor growing.
Perfect for Bonsai-growing due to lots of tiny leaves. Surprisingly useful for
cooking, too! If you are looking for a compact plant, this one is the one for you.

A very pretty – and useful – hot pepper for many kinds of cooking. Perhaps this is just what your kitchen window needs? Produces a lot of pods in upward clusters. Very suitable for growing even in small pots.

Naga Morich
Classic superhot variety. Naga Morich is not just hot but also has a great aroma which many chiliheads love so much. Great with all kinds of hot cooking. The plant is very prolific and easy to grow. This variety really loves warmth and sun so provide it with a warm environment.

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.