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This seed kit is all about unusual and quite hot varieties which are fun and easy to grow.

Cheiro Roxa
One of the greatest looking chile peppers I’ve ever seen!
After tasting it it immediately became one of my favorites of all time.
The taste is on the best side of C. chinenses, the taste could be compared to pink habanero with something other unique freshness. Heat level is between mild to moderate. Not too hot for a habanero-relative. Easy to grow.
Great for bonsai / bonchi purposes. The pods turn from green-black-purple to pinkish purple. From Brazil.

Pimenta da Neyde
One of the strangest chile peppers I’ve ever seen!
Mature pods won’t change the color, but stay purple instead.
Very, very pretty looking plant with lots of even prettier pods with a great aroma. Extremely hot. Can be grown as useful bonsai / bonchi-ornamental. Extremely rare! Gladly, it’s easy to grow.

A pretty, moderately hot semi-wild variety from Brazil. The small, light orange berries have thin fruit flesh and non-sweet, pungent and very one of a kind -flavor. A nice ornamental plant too. Good when dried and ground that way the uniqueness of the taste works even better!

Trepadeira Werner
Very pretty (see the white pods
ripening to bright red) and unusul baccatum pepper that has an unusual, very delicious berry-like aroma and sweetness.. Highly recommended for home growing! Gives extremely high yields! Easy to grow in pots. The ripe pods look like cherries. Mild-Medium heat level. Ideal for beginners. If you haven’t tried Capsicum baccatum chili peppers just yet, this is a great choice to start with! The name of this variety means “Werner’s Creeper” (Werner’s Vine).

All seed kits include a pocket growing guide.