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Couple of plants from NUMEROUS plants around the world grown from seeds since 2003!

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Some featured varieties available at
Pretty Purple
Pretty Purple
Very, very pretty ornamental pepper which can be used for cooking as a medium hot powder. The plant is very compact and the stems can grow quite big which makes it especially ideal for bonsai chile pepper growing. The pods mature from dark purple/black to yellow/purple/brown. Very odd final color. absolutely great looking these pods are ripening on a pretty plant.
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Aji Minas Gerais
Aji Minas Gerais

Very crunchy, fruity and aromatic baccatum variety from Minas Gerails, Northern Brazil. The plant is filled with very wrinkly, irregular shaped elongated pods. The medium pungency makes it ideal for all kinds of cooking when you want your food to be just medium spiced up.

The plant can be quite compact which makes it ideal for any growing environment. It’s also very easy to grow, even for a beginner. Just keep in mind that light is the key to success when growing chili peppers, especially when it comes to yielding.

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Purple Cream
Purple Cream
One of a kind, so beautiful chili pepper with cream+purple color.
The pods will have different colorations on them and the plant filled with these pods will look stunningly pretty! Very hot and tasty variety too. For chileheads who want to grow something very pretty and different.
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Aji Cristal
Aji Cristal
Absolutely great variety from Curico, Chile. The taste is so good. It tastes completely different depending on the growing stage. The besting tasting pods can be enjoyed by picking them from the plant before they turn their color into red. Great as fresh practically with any food. The ordinary and smoked powder made from this variety is also insanely tasty! This variety was available all around the Finland as fresh in vegetable shelves and was made quite known in Finland by Fatalii Gourmet. The plant is easy to grow and it’s extremely prolific. Ideal when picked by using staggered harvesting. Just keep picking off the largest pods and you can enjoy yield for all season long.
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Rocoto, Riesen Yellow
Rocoto, Riesen Yellow

A HUGE rocoto variety with a medium heat level. Can reach the size of a bell pepper. These pods can easily weight 100-200+ grams. Despite the large size of the pods, the plants can bear a lot of yield. Highly recommended for rocoto lovers.

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We have a lot of chili and tomato varieties!
We have a large collection of the most fascinating chili peppers and tomatoes in the world. Check them out by clicking below!
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Fatalii's Recommended Favorites!
The best chili pepper varieties right here!
Click the link below to see all Fatalii's Recommended favorites listed! The list will be updated as new varieties are available.
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Ten is Zen
Ten is Zen

Having difficulties to choose what kind of chili peppers you want to grow?
I can help you and choose different kinds of chili peppers for you so you can grow them and see which types you like the most. Just leave your wishes to order form notes (for example: 'I like odd looking chilis' or 'send as different chilis as possible'.

This kit includes:
– 10 very different varieties & species of chili peppers
– Fatalii’s growing guide for a good start
- Extras!

All varieties are labeled with all necessary info so you know how hot and which species of chili they are.
After growing this collection you know more about chili peppers than most of the people.

Much cheaper than when these varieties are bough separately!
Follow the latest chili pepper photos, Fatalii's growing tips, Fataliis henhouse and other stuff at FACEBOOK - Very active page.
Follow us and join almost 85 000 other chiliheads around the world!
Check some growing examples with
Growing examples with!
Click here to see some growing examples by using seeds from - This is the real deal. Get the seeds directly from a professional grower! Growing support included with every seed order.
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Bonchi aka bonsai chili peppers!
Bonchi aka. bonsai chili peppers!
Bonchi's are the coolest thing ever! If you have a limited growing space or you didn't start seeds early, no matter! Bonchi's can be grown any time of the year in any space! As they are very small and compact, even a small lamp with be great for them, or a sunny windowsill!

Learn more at and find the best, chosen seeds for bonsai chilis here.
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KotiLemmikki Veikkola noudot nyt mahdollisia!
Uusi toimitustapa siemenille: Nouto Veikkolasta! tilaukset noudettavissa Veikkolasta KotiLemmikki -liikkeestä, pohjois-kirkkonummelta aukioloaikojen puitteissa kun tilaus merkitty tehdyksi! Näin saat tilauksesi ilman postikuluja. Meillä Lemmikkitarvikkeiden lisäksi myös chilituotteita kuten pieni kokoelma chilinsiemeniä, jauheita, rouheita, chilitoffeeta, chilikirjallisuutta ja jopa kasvihuoneita, esillä myös mallikasvihuone. Kausituotteina myös chilin ja tomaatin taimia!

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Naga Morich kastike Kirkkonummen Veikkolasta!
Naga Morich kastike NYT Kirkkonummen Veikkolasta!

Puhdasta nagaa, ei tomaattikastiketta, ei hedelmiä. Järjettömän tulinen, äärimmäisen herkullinen!
Supertuliseen kokkailuun tai varovaisesti käytettynä RIITTOISAKSI pöytämausteeksi. :)



Kirkkonummi, Veikkola, Apteekin talo, 2krs.

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Aji Fantasy kastike!
Aji Fantasy kastike!

Puhdasta Aji Fantasyä, ei tomaattikastiketta, ei hedelmiä. Todella maukas tuote!
Kaikenlaiseen herkutteluun!


Kirkkonummi, Veikkola, Apteekin talo, 2krs.

Tule maistamaan tämän lisäksi myös muita herkkuja!

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Have a great growing season!
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